Random Tidbits "Bio"

Hi everybody! Some random facts about your teacher-technologist-for-the-day, Tim Chase.

Tim . . .

  • enjoys ballroom dancing (waltz and rumba are best!).
  • has taught in China and Vietnam.
  • loves teaching online because for many kids it's the BEST format of education.
  • pastors an un-church (Shepherd's Gate Fellowship) in Bend.
  • gets excited about infusing technology into teaching and learning.
  • is the father of three world changers, the oldest of which is 16!
  • was a mime in college.
  • regularly integrates technology into his content-area classroom.
  • tells a really good “Sven and Ollie” joke.
  • built his first computer when was 11 (with the help of his dad, of course).
  • has served in the leadership council of the Oregon State EdTech Cadre.
  • has his M. Ed. in Instructional Technology and Curriculum Integration.
  • will gladly reply to your emails: edtech2020@gmail.com

"To help my students become people who will make positive choices for themselves and contribute positively to their communities."