Session Descriptions

It's a LIGHTNING ROUND with Tim Chase: 30 better ways to leverage our Learning Management Systems.  See best practices applicable to Canvas, Moodle, Edmodo, Schoology, and more.  Hybrid learning and fully virtual classrooms will both benefit, and if we--breathlessly--get our 30 tips shown in time, we'll open the mic for quick tips from the floor.

Bare is Beautiful: 
Running around in our classrooms with nothing but our browsers on: Cloud Computing with online tools and browser extensions.
Don't miss the chance to teach students to create and design and practice 21st Century Skills using FREE online utilities . . . sites and web-apps that don’t care what operating system is being used.

Classroom Shift
The whole phenomenon of "school" is fundamentally changing, and we have to shift our classrooms to match. New Paradigms: virtual spaces, authentic (project-based) learning, and information curating.  Old Paradigms: teacher-centric, scarcity of knowledge, and "learning" information.
In this session we discuss (come ready to talk!) the changes, and the need for change, that we see in our schools.  

Copyright Law: We are ALL Violators!
You must not remain in the dark about what constitutes breach of Copyright, and yet you need not fearfully avoid all things print, audio, and video.  The goal is not to play the safe game, nor is it about learning a 10% formula . . . it's all about being informed about Fair Use and using copyrighted materials wisely. And this session brings clarity!

Defining the "New Normal"
Students today are living in a new-fangled, web-enabled world . . . they are digital natives for whom "normal" is a fluctuating state of change.  Let's take a closer look at this "new normal" and reflect on the implications for K-12 education.

Geek "Speed-Dating"
Our best edtech tools and ideas, delivered F2F in 100-second turns, then move one chair to the left, take a deep breath, and repeat!  Our brains fill up quickly, but you can always jump out and try the neat things you've just seen/heard-about. "ding--Switch Partners!"

Getting Started with Google ... Gently! 
Come on in, the water's fine! In this session we'll work together to get you access to the best and most effective of Google's classroom-friendly tools. Get ready for fresh ideas and classroom applications!
This session is for those who (like all of us at one time or another) need to start at the very beginning.
Most teachers and administrators new-to-Google are SHOCKED at how easy it is to use the Google Apps once they've got their login and begin to create and share. Don't keep waiting--come see what Google can do for you.

Getting Started with Twitter... Gently! 
Twitter is a useless waste of time.  Until it becomes a useful tool to connect.  You are NOT the last professional on earth without a Twitter account, and it's just possible you'll find that the time you invest in the tool isn't time wasted, after all.  It's worth a look, anyway, and this session starts you from the beginning.

Google Productivity: Tools for Schools
What makes Google such a great tool for school? This fast-paced session probes the best of the Google Tools (especially Docs/Drive) and explores ways to use them with students, administrators, teachers, and parents.
Come and see why your school NEEDS to be using more Google!

Administrators everywhere are asking themselves WHAT IN THE WORLD they used to do before Google. Let's look at how schools are using Google forms, spreadsheets, and collaborative calendars...   Enjoy interaction with other forward-thinking school leaders and see and participate in real-life examples.

Unpack dynamite classroom-oriented Google Add-ons like DOCTOPUS, Autocrat, and YA-Mail-Merge.  Free and not too scary to install, these spreadsheet scripts open up whole worlds of automated possibilities that make managing your classroom life EASIER.  We'll demonstrate how scripts can add the bacon to your professional breakfast.

Got EduGame? 

Research validates what we already, intuitively knew to be true--gaming is important in education. The free, web-based games we play are kid-tested and teacher approved, directly supporting curriculum standards for grades K-8.
This session allows participants to explore, share, and critique the best online games out there. We’ll also explore classroom management techniques for embedding games into our curriculum.

Let's Keep in Touch: connecting communities with phones/email/social-networking  
This is a make-and-take session, so you're encouraged to come with a group in mind that you'd like to see connected.

MathScience in the Movies
Cameras shoot video at 30 frames per second.  Why aren't we creating more videos in our math and science classrooms, when the application is so engaging and so easy?  This is a hands-on session with your camera and FREE online video-editing software that allows students to work on their video projects from any computer, anywhere.

Moodle is Dead.  Long Live Moodle!
Ready to digitize your classroom to try a blended or virtual model? You'll want a quality LMS. Free is good. Let's take a closer look at Canvas, Edmodo, and Haiku and discuss best-practices of course creation, whether you're teaching in a blended/flipped classroom or entirely online.

Strategies that work for managing your multiple-personality life.  Email is the foundation--your emails all need to work together in harmony.  Passwords can be a nightmare if handled improperly.  Your digital footprint(s) are important and increasingly so.  This interactive session removes the DIS from Multiple Personality Disorder.

This fun workshop covers using Movenote, Videonotes, Meograph, Google Keep, Evernote, etc. to demonstrate learning. Get hands-on practice with lots of tools and discuss getting kids to use them to create online learning portfolios. Preferred device: laptop.

PD for Professional Developers
You came to see what's new AND BRING IT BACK to those who stayed at home.  Right? 
Topics include discussion strategies, PD resources, the power of paper evaluations, bridging the divide between veteran and newbie teachers, activating private reflection time, the use of music/video, body positioning, and infusing "story" and humor into your sessions.  Go home with great technology ideas from the conference AND improved skills for sharing them in schools!  
(This session is not a sit-and-get.  The participants collaborate with the facilitator to build a document of all our best practices and experiences. Together we're more powerful than we were apart.)  

Tools for the Classroom, Tools for the Teacher 

Wearing a fully-stocked electrician's belt may not make you an electrician, but the work's sure easier when you've got the right tool in your pouch! Instead of looking at LOTS of new tools, let's look at the BEST free tools and get them into your classroom toolbag.
These tools are free. They are easy. They can be used with students of all ages, and many of tools can also be useful for adults (think staff collaboration, planning, etc.) or to streamline your own workflow (video screencapture, quick-n-easy documentation). Best of the best!

Web2.0 Basics
You've heard the term Web 2.0 but it has yet to rock your world. This is a teacher-friendly session that gives practical, professional applications for the amazing new read/write web.
We’ll start at the very beginning, but before we’re done you’ll be pasting Teachertube videos right on a classroom webpage (either the one you already have or a new one that you’ll create in 10 minutes flat). It’s painless, even for people who have never copied and pasted embed codes before.
Come ready to interact with the web . . . in ways you barely knew were possible!

Google Spreadsheets + Scripts = Bacon
Unpack dynamite classroom-oriented scripts like Doctopus, Autocrat, and Formemailer.  Not too scary to install, these scripts open up whole worlds of amazing automated possibilities that make managing your classroom life easier. Students populate a spreadsheet via a form, then the script emails a certificate, creates a shared GoogleDoc, or emails a mail-merge based on the submissions.  Like bacon, for spreadsheets.

Sessions Still in the Box
These sessions below are ready to roll--all but the creating and posting of the online resources.

16 Symptoms: You might be a 21st Century Educator if . . .

The NETS in My Classroom and Yours
Student NETS and Teacher NETS that guide classroom instruction and enrich technology integration.

Writing and Researching in the 21st Century
Did you know there has been a revolution?

Redefining Libraries and Research
It's a brand new ball game, and the rules have changed.

The Newbie Room
A safe place for Newbies to ask questions and get straight answers (we were ALL there once).  I'll come ready to start the conversation by showing/telling my own favorite tools . . . and we'll have a multi-user document where we can keep collaborative notes and vote on our next 5-minute rabbit-trails.

Meaningful Multimedia
It is so easy to make multimedia projects (movies, voicethreads, xtranormal, etc) with kids; this session explores management/evaluation techniques and multimedia best-practices.

Microsoft Office 2010: Making peace with the beast
They are the same tools you use every day, but "vive la difference" when you apply these quick-and-easy tips and tricks. We will customize toolbars and leverage formatting tools to create better-looking documents and smoother presentations. You'll also come away with new ideas for how to maximize Office for your own productivity.

DIY: Host a Regional "EDCAMP"
Budget-minded, one-day conferences that don't sacrifice quality to cut costs . . . edcamp unconferences are sweeping the nation and offer GREAT PD with less hassle and little cost. 
Come for ideas, Google-Site website templates to copy, and strategies for making your edcamp a smashing success.

Lead, Don't Drag ... and there IS a difference!
Leading effectively, at whatever level, is both art and science. This collaborative session looks at the key elements of hardware deployments and training support . . . and dealing with necessary CHANGE as we go.

Goodbye PowerPoint, Hello Google Earth: using GEarth as a student presentation tool
When they made Google Earth they weren't meaning to displace PowerPoint as an effective presentation tool, but ...
Explore with us how the image overlays and placemarks can be used to demonstrate student learning when they are programmed into a tour. We'll "tour" through ideas for student projects and get some hands-on training in Google Earth.